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Obituary for Thomas Melville

Greetings, and God bless you all. My name is James Melville, and on behalf of my two sisters, Cherie and Colleen and the entire Melville, Trinidad family, I sorrowfully inform you that our father and our hero Thomas Melville has lost his life in this world but began eternity in heaven. Thomas, better known as Tommy, has lived a very impactful and eventful life. Tommy, who grew up in the 1950,s in the bronx, found love in community family, in doo opp and of course, "The King" Elvis Presley. Tommy, who loved his country, later enlisted himself into the armed forces and was sent off to Vietnam in 1968 to defend our country. Upon his return from vietnam, Tommy came back a differnt man. His wounds and his PTSD would have a lasting effect on his life. Although he faced these new challenges in life, he was blessed to be joined in marriage to his angelic wife Sandy, and he became a father to his two daugheters Cherie and Colleen and son James. Tommy raised his children with those same loves he grew up with. Tommy lived and raised his children in the very same neighborhood he grew up in himself. This is why I can say as his son that I love my country, 50's music and yes Elvis. As I spoke of earlier, Tommy was a man of the community. There was nobody in our neighborhood who did not know Tommy " Bullet" Melville. He was a fixture on Haviland Avenue, and everyone in the neighborhood loved him. Our friends were always welcome to walk in and out of our home without hesitation. Tommy has worked many hard labor jobs over the years, from a truck driver, housing police and private sanitation. Tommy was our hero not only because he allowed us to feel protected as his children but because he served our country, and i believe the most admirable thing he has ever done in our eyes is defeat alcoholism and an addiction to smoking completely on his own by the grace of God. Tommy has had a difficult life, but he has always fought and stayed strong in the face of adversity. Tommy was a man of God and a true believer in Jesus Christ, and he spent most of his youth as an altar boy in Holy Family church where he would later Marry our Mom Sandy. Tommy is survived by his three children and his seven grandchildren, who he loved and who loved him deeply. We want to take this time as a family to thank all of you for all your prayers and compassion during this time, and furthermore, we want to thank you for all the love and friendship you shared with Tommy during his time in this world. We humbly ask you to participate in the blessing of giving Tommy a proper send-off with the dignity and respect that he deserved not only for his service but quite simply for being "Tommy". Our family could not be more grateful, and as we continue to trust God, we will continue to pray for all of you. God Bless You all.