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Obituary for Cesar Augusto Aranda

Cesar Augusto Aranda, 91, of White Plains NY, passed away peacefully on February 19, 2023 at 5:20PM after a bout with liver cancer.

Cesar was born on February 14, 1932 to Martin Aranda Dias and Ubaldina Ortiz in Ambato, Ecuador. He has 9 siblings, Mercedes, Dolores, Miguel, Beatriz, Piedad, Luis, Fausto, Gonzalo, and Martha.

Cesar came to the United States from Ecuador in 1969, his family followed in 1971 and resided in the Bronx. He worked for Rush, an importer of surgical supplies in their shipping department. Later in his life he settled in White Plains, NY

He was married to Lucia Aranda for 37 years and has 3 children, Bertha (married to Garnet), Ligia (passed away November 1994), and Ivan (married to Nasette). He has 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. He later remarried Fabiola Aranda who passed away December 2019, after 22 years of marriage.

He was a beloved and devoted husband and dad and sacrificed so much to bring his family to the United States. He did what was needed to be financially stable and to bring his wife and kids to the United States. It was truly an act of God that made that possible. He was bold and confident in what he had to do to give his family a better life. He came to the States only knowing Spanish and strived and succeeded to learn the English language.

Cesar always had a great sense of humor and an incredibly positive attitude about life. He would always encourage us to look at the bright side. He never forgot his roots and would always emphasize the family roots to us all. He loved New York City and would always find a way to visit.

He loved to be well dressed and was known to shop at high end stores. Being an avid walker, he loved taking his kids on long walks. He loved music and would buy records regularly.